Work With Me!


Are you ready to change  your life?

Do you feel stuck?

Are you tired of the daily grind?

Spinning your wheels at a job you hate, with a boss who thinks the only life you have or should have, is the job you perform for him!?  Ignoring your own dreams only to make someone else’s come true! You know there’s more to life than this, but you just don’t know how to get there.

What if you could have the kind of freedom that comes from making your own schedule? What if you had more time to spend with your family, doing what you love and doing the things that really matter to you?

What if you could quit your job,and work for yourself, doing something you love?

What if I told you that you can?

If you want to:

  • Be in business for yourself, but not by yourself
  • Have control over your own work schedule and finances
  • Build a flourishing business that can be managed from anywhere in the world
  • Create a prospering income
  • Make a positive difference in the lives of others
  • Absolutely love what you do
  • Be a part of a growing number of a group of like-minded entrepreneurs working together to further each others businesses

Are you willing to make a commitment to change?

That is all that’s needed!  A willingness to change so that you can live the life you have always wanted to live. That life you’ve always wanted is still out there, waiting for you to find it! All that’s needed is…YOU to want to make that change. When you make that commitment to yourself and are true to yourself and your hearts desire, the universe just seems to open up and work with you to make it happen.

Who I’m looking to work with!

I have a few premium spots open on my team right now for the right people.

People that are:

  • Highly passionate and decisive
  • Not easily discouraged
  • Coach-able
  • Teachable
  • Willing to learn
  • Stay self-motivated and focused
  • Willing to work hard to build a solid, sustainable business with recurring income that will pay them for years to come
  • Willing to start out with an enrollment kit (These start at $150.00)
  • Willing to devote focused time each week to building their business
  • Dedicated to placing a consistent, monthly order. (I’ll teach you how to build your income to earn enough income from commission and bonus checks to cover the cost of this monthly order)

What you can expect when you join my team:

  • The opportunity to partner with a mission-focused, humanitarian-minded company, while sharing life-changing products.
  • Access to me and my team
  • Coaching by some of the best leaders in the company who make it their goal to see YOU succeed in your business
  • Access to leaders who know how to build a business through traditional methods and also online strategies.
  • Access to our private Facebook groups where you’ll learn how to use your oils and build your essential oil business
  • The opportunity to create real residual income from a very legitimate home-based business.
  • The limitless possibilities that come from finally choosing to create the life you really want.

Working with me is not for people who:

  • Are not interested in health and wellness
  • Do not want to work for themselves or own their own business
  • Cannot be honest with themselves or stay committed
  • Are not willing to learn from experts
  • Are not willing to develop the skills needed to build that prosperous online business
  • Are not willing to personally grow, work on themselves as hard as they work on their business

If you’re ready to start, fill out the form below:


(If you are interested in learning more about or using and enjoying essential oils, but are not interested in starting a business, I can show you how to get wholesale pricing with no obligations. Click here for details.)